Tips and Tricks

Open with eSignatureOffice options for PDFs

By default the Setup of eSignatureOffice adds the "open with" which allows to open a PDF with right mouse click inside eSignatureOffice. It´s possible to extend the "open with" start with additional Start-Parameter (like config files or GUI settings).

Default vaules


@="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\StepOver\\eSignatureOffice5.7\\SOSigOffice.exe \"%1\""


If you want to add more Start-Parameter you need to extend the Read command entry:

Extended Open With option with SSS, SCS and other parameters
@="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\StepOver\\eSignatureOffice5.7\\SOSigOffice.exe \"%1\"" \"c:\\stepover\\config.scs\" \"c:\\stepover\\default.sss\" \"deactivate1100\" \"-stayontop\" \"-autostartsig\"

Using an Batch file with the PDF Converter 

Sometimes additional actions are required which are not possible with the PDF Converter or eSignatureOffice. For example to provide dynamic variables which should later be used inside eSignatureOffice. Such Parameter can be past as External-Variables over the batch. Another example is to remove the prefix "MicroSoft Word" which is added to the filename by word. The batch can remove this prefix inside the PDF filename before the start of eSignatureOffice is happening.

Sample how to remove the prefix which is added by Word
set orgPath=%1
set newPath=%1
set replace=
call set newPath=%%newPath:MicroSoft Word - =%replace%%%

for %%F in (%newPath%) do set newFilename=%%~nxF

ren %orgPath% %newFilename%

"C:\Program Files (x86)\StepOver\eSignatureOffice 5.5\SOSigOffice.exe" %newPath% -savedoc