Pad Connector API


If you want to access the signature pad from the browser you will need to install the pad connector. The Pad Connector is a local Java application that communicates with the signature pads via USB HID libraries using JNA and thus controls the interaction between website and the signature pad.

The communication between browser and Pad Connector is done by Secure Web Sockets (wss). The SSL certificate and keystore are located in the installation directory and are used to overcome the mixed content barrier. The certificate has no security relevance because the traffic does not leave the local host. The certificate is issued to a host with a localhost DNS entry ( The Pad Connector only allows connections from the localhost.

It must be ensured that a connection to wss:// or (call in browser) can be established (check the troubleshooting in case you can access the pad connector after the installation).


The Pad Connector has two interfaces for the communication the JavaScript Interface and the Websocket Interface.


The Pad Connector is available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

The Windows setup allows the usage of setup parameters which you can find /wiki/spaces/PAF/pages/80183349.


You can find sample pages under the following link.

Signing\index.htmlsimple signing page which shows only the signature
Signing\indexTimeout.htmlsame as the Signing\index.html just with an additional timeout of 5sec

extended version of Signing\index which collects every signing information of the pad signature (like encrypted Biodate, notary info...)

0: bio data (Base64)
1: device cert (Base64)
2: signature image (Base64)
3: notary info (Base64)
4: device name
5: device serial

DocView\index.html Sample of the handling of document viewing, the page contains one rendered document page (+2 zoomlevels)


If you have troubles with the installation or if you can access the pad connector, please check our troubleshooting pages /wiki/spaces/PAF/pages/80183631/wiki/spaces/PAF/pages/80183540.