blueMobilePad/plusPad with Windows 8/10

The USB Versions of the old blueMobile  and plusPads which are not produced anymore (since 2009), has an intern USB/COM Chip which requires a driver. The new Windows Versions have a Prolific Driver, but unfortunately this driver version is not compatible with the old signature pads. You need to use the old Driver from 2009 which you can download here:

After the installation of the Setup you need to open the Device manager, search for COM and & LPT Devices. 

You need to select "Update driver" of the "Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port device"

Next you need to click on "Browse my computer for driver software"

Next select the Option "Let me pick a list of available driver on my computer"

You should see at least 2 different driver Versions, you need to select the Version from (17.07.2009)

The installation of the device should be successful and the warning icon inside the device manager should be resolved.