Client (Windows)


For the communication from the Server Application to the signature Pad on the client a an additional software on client is necessary. This software is our TCP-Client, which needs to be running in background on the Client System to wait until the server application request the usage of the signatur pad. The TCP-Client is listening on a specific port (default is 8888). The Setup is not adding any firewall rules, please take care that the defined port is opened. 

All information for the server side can be found here.


You can download the current Client under the follwoing link:




Setup Parameter:

/SILENTInstructs Setup to be silent
/VERYSILENTInstructs Setup to be silent (the installation progress window is not displayed)
/LANG=languageSpecifies the language to use. Values: GERMAN and ENGLISH
/LOGCauses Setup to create a log file in the user's TEMP directory detailing file installation
/HELPShows a summary of this information.

The setup allows to enable a start of the TCP-Client with Windows, please note that after the installation the client will not be automatically. You have to start it manually with the SoTcpClientManager.exe inside the Installation folder or you can find a shortcut in the startmenü of windows. You can also restart the system if you enabled the start with Windows. 


The TCP solution requires and extra License for each client. The License Code must be entered and activated on the client.


 In case the Client is not activated there will an Demo Message each time when you start a signature.