Firmware Update

Download & Release Notes

You can find the release notes for the firmware version and the downloads here. The firmware is encrypted with a key, which can be different based on the product you have (for example, “duraSign Pad NG 10” or “duraSign Pad NG 10 AM”). Please consider this when you download the firmware file. If you try to update your device with the wrong firmware file, the firmware update will be stopped with a specific message. In such a case, check again to see if you're using the correct firmware file, or contact our support.

Firmware Update with Web GUI

After download of the firmware file you can update the device with the WebGUI. Open in any browser the address you see on the signature device start page.

The WebGUI will start with the upload page, here you can drag and drop the firmware file onto the page or you can click on the cloud upload icon to make an open file dialog appear.

The browser will upload the firmware file to the device and trigger the update. If the correct firmware file was uploaded, you will see that the firmware update is in process on the page and on the device screen. The update can take up to 5 minutes, please do not disconnect the device or try to use it for a signature.

When the update is finished, the device will restart. You should then see on the device boot screen, on the bottom left, the new firmware version. You can also check it on the info page in the Web GUI.


Firmware Update with RestAPI

You can use the restAPI to update your device by your own application. In that case you can check the current firmware with the info endpoint.

The new firmware file can be uploaded with the firmware_update endpoint.

With the get Event you can check the status of the firmware update

When the update is finished you get a new event, so you can trigger the device reboot with

After the reboot you can check the firmware version with the info endpoint.

Prevent firmware upload

It possible to prevent the upload of firmware files by disable the upload file option inside the settings page.

Of course this only makes sense in combination of locking the settings page with a password.