6. StepOver XML Certificate


Some driver functions, like startCapture, check if calling software has provided a valid certificate. If the certificate has not been provided, a warning dialog is shown.


The dialog doesn't appear if XML certificate is provided beforehand. The certificate should be passed to the driver using SetDriverString function. The first parameter Key must be set to 3, the second parameter must contain XML certificate.

Certificate handling

A XML certificate provided by StepOver should be treated as a confidential information. It should not be placed to a public or insecure storage (public server, public folder, etc.).

When a certificate is used in a software product it can be stored as a file on disk or integrated into binary module as a resource or in any other way, but in any case the certificate must be stored in encrypted form, secured with a state of the art encryption algorithm.

The key to decrypt a certificate cannot be stored in a readable (i.e. unencrypted) way in either binary module or file or registry entry, etc.

If your certificate has been accessed by an unauthorized person or there was a risk of such access, please contact StepOver immediately.

A certificate can only be used with appropriate StepOver product (API) for signing. Any other usage is prohibited (e.g. reverse engineering). It is also not allowed to pass the certificate to 3rd parties.

The certificate can be optioned from StepOver (in most use cases it's for free). During the process of generating such a certificate the receiving party has to agree a contract with rules for the treatment of the certificate, similar to what is stated above. 

How I get the Certificate?

To create the Certificate we need the following information´s from your company:

Company Name



Application Name

please send this Information's to support@stepover.de