IGEL / eLux ThinClients

IGEL Configuration

Since Firmware 5.12.100 and 10.03.110 the StepOver TCP Client is part of the Igel System. This Client allows to forward the StepOver Pads over a TCP Connection from the Igel to the Application on the Server. To use the StepOver TCP Client on the Igel you need to disable the StepOver Citrix Extension which is enabled by default. This Option can be disabled under Session | Citrix | Citrix Global | Mapping | Device Support | Stepover signature pad channel

Now you can enable the TCP Client which is under User Interface | Input | Signature Pad | Enable StepOver TCP Client. The default TCP Port is 8888, if required you can change it too. After a reboot of the Igel the TCP Client is available.


If you want to use the StepOver TCP Client on a eLux Client you need to extend your image with our Package, you can find the details here