Firmware Updates

General Information about the Firmware Update

Since Firmware Version 1.4* each pad has a bootloader, which allows us to update a pad without opening it. The signature pad is protected with special passwords which can block a firmware update. Big customers usually have unique passwords on the device to prevent an unwanted firmware update and such signature pads require a customer specific updater. If you're unsure about your device please contact StepOver at  

Please note: the latest firmware (since version 7.x) support unprecedented security by using a 4096 Bit RSA encryption. This feature has the following two restrictions: 

1. The 4096 Bit support is limited to these pad types:

US market Versions

All other pad types (naturaSign Pad Standard 1, naturaSign Pad Standard 2, naturaSign Pad Colour, naturaSign Pad Flawless and naturaSign Pad Comfort pads cannot be updated to support the 4096 Bit encryption keys).

2. To use the secure 4096 Bit encryption you also need to update your signature software (e.g. eSignatureOffice or SimpleSigner) to the latest release version. In case of older software versions the pad will still work after the firmware update, but the encryption will still be limited to 2048 Bit.

You can find firmware updater for older signature pad models which are not supporting the 4096 encryption in the following list:

*Because of hardware changes, pads with firmware 1.4 and 1.5 will not be supported by future firmware updates.