known issues and fixes

Device Forwarding issue with VMs while FW-Update

One of the first Steps of the Firmware Update is the Invalidation of the old Firmware. Without the firmware, the device is running in Booloader mode and the USB identifier will be changed (different PID). This means if you using a USB Forwarding, you need to be sure that the Bootloader device will also be forwared to the system where the FW-Updater is running.

Standby Problems with Win8.1 / Win10

The Classic Pad firmware 5.05E.2.2239 has problems with the USB Standby behaviour of Win8.1/Win10, unfortunately this is causing a firmware crash and the pads gets irresponsible. You need to unplug the pad to get it workagain, but the problem repeats as soon as Windows sends the Device into Standby again.


Update the Firmware to the next Version 5.05E.3.2239 (see Classic Update )

Computer Boot Problems

Some Mainboards have a problem with the continues communication of the signature pads and doesn´t start the booting process of the operation system. If the signature pad is connected after the boot process it´s working fine, the problem effects only the start of the computer.


The communication between the Signature Pad and the System can be reduce, this means the signature pad will only send data inside the Signature Mode. This feature was added with Firmware 5.x, in case your Device has a older Firmware you need to update it (check possible Updates) before you can change the communication setting. For that you need to Download the following tool: 

Extract the ZIP file and run activate-usb-suspension.bat.

*Please note that older Software Versions (before 2014) might have problems with this new communication settings and will something's not show the signature. If that is the case please update your software version or contact the support which can help you.

Touch Problems with Classic Pads

A specific charge of touches which was used for classic and biometric pads had different specifications, after a short time a higher pressure was necessary to capture the signature.


We reconfigured the touch configuration to the new specifications, you can get this new configuration with a Firmware Update or the following tool: 

Extract the ZIP file and run startConfiguratorg9.bat

Rebooting Pad after failed image transfer

When the image upload to the device fails it can happen that the pad will stuck in a endless booting loop. Check for the latest Firmware Update to solve this problem (instead of rebooting, a message will be shown which image is corrupt).