SOBioDecryptor (DLL interface)

Dll to decrypt the Biodata frames from StepOver Signature Device:

given elements:

1) Notray Private key

2) Encrypted AES key

3) Biodata   Buffer

Exported functions:

+option1: Set the notary private key file

function  LoadPrivateKeyFromFile(notaryKeyFileName:string):boolean; stdcall;

+option2: load the notary private key from buffer

function  LoadPrivateKeyFromBuffer(notarykeyContent:Pointer; KeyBufferSize : integer):boolean; stdcall;

+option3: load the decrypted aes from a binary stream (normal called skf-file)

function  LoadDecryptedAESKey(keyFile:string) : boolean;stdcall;

+set the encrypted aes-key: in this case you need also the document hash

function  SetEncryptedAESKey(DocHash:pointer; hashsize:integer;keybuffer:Pointer; keysize:Integer): boolean;stdcall;

function  SetDecryptedAESKey(keybuffer:Pointer; keysize:Integer): boolean;stdcall;

//returns the Decrypted AEs key

function GetDecryptedAESKey(DataBuffer : Pointer; DataBufferLen : integer) : integer;

+decrypt biodata and save it to file

function  DecryptBiodataToFile(ptrEncData:Pointer; dataLen:Integer; FileName:string):Boolean; stdcall;

+decrypt biodata frames

function  DecryptBiodataFrames(ptrEncData:Pointer; nFrames:Integer):Boolean; stdcall;

+decrypt a single biodata frame

function  DecryptBiodataFrame(ptrEncData : Pointer):boolean; stdcall;

+decrypt a biodata given as a string (done in the sopad.dll)

function  DecryptBiodataString(strEncData : pchar):Boolean; stdcall;