FFF file structure

FFF file structure

FFF file is used to fill in PDF form fields automatically   when opening PDF document(s). FFF-file   name   must be passed in command line together with PDF file name(s). Example:

SOSigOffice.exe document1.pdf document2.pdf Values.fff

Below is a sample of FFF file:

Title="Annual report"  
Street=Otto-Hirsch-Brücken 17  

eSignatureOffice opens the first PDF document from command line (in the example above it is document1.pdf) and fills in field values of the first document using the entries from [Fields1] section. Then it takes the next, second, file (in the example it is document2.pdf) and fills in field values of the second file using the entries from [Fields2] section.

Additionally, entries from [Fields] section are applied for each document.

There may be any number of PDF files and [Fields<n>] sections. Be aware that the different PDF Documents will be merged into one File.


Each section entry has Name=Value format, where   Name is PDF field name and Value is the text, that should be written in appropriate field. Value can be either simple text string or UTF-8 encoded string. UTF-8 encoded strings should begin with 0xef, 0xbb or 0xbf symbols.