8. Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find a list of questions, frequently asked by our users.

Furthermore, you can use this as list of advice for possible problems, which you could encounter.

Do I need a separate signature-set for each of my documents?

No! You do not need to create a separate signature-set for each of your documents, but you can creatue your signature-sets in a way, that they can be used for various documents, for example because search strings, which are not found, will simply be skipped. However, the search strings are supposed to be as unique as possible to make them only be found in the right documents. Learn more about signature-sets in the chapter Automatic creation of signing fields: Working with signature-sets

Can I send a document per e-mail automatically after signing it?Yes, you can! However, you have to create two things: a macro doing this and a signature-set to automatically trigger the e-mail after the last signature.

How can I configure the stamp?

You can define, if and what is to be shown in the stamp. Learn more about this here.

What's the meaning of the "document hash" on my device and in the software? Can I skip that?

The document hash is a security feature and allows to make sure, that the signature has not been manipulated on it's way from the signature device to the computer. If you compare the digits on the signature device and in the eSignatureOffice, those digits have to be the same. You can skip this set by deactivating the corresponding option in the Security & Key management tab in the administration menu.
Can I repeat my signature? How?As long as a signature has not been added to the document, yet, you can repeat it as often as you want. For this, you can find multiple options to use the "Repeat" button, either in eSignatureOffice itself (in the footer or in the post-signature stamp dialog) or on the signature device (on the shown side bar, when using duraSign Pad Brilliance or in the post-signature hash-dialog).
Can I delete a signature?

Generally, no, you cannot delete your signature after it has been done. Due to security reasons, it's not possible to delete a signature after the document has been saved, just like on a piece of paper.

However, after adding a signature, but before saving the document, you could just close the document without saving it and so make the signature being gone, too.

Can I add my company sign below my signature?

Can I change the standard stamp to my company stamp?

You can edit the stamp in multiple ways in the administration menu in the Stamp tab, either with plain text or stamp variables. Furthermore, the text font and colour can be changed to create a customized company stamp.

How can I find out, which text will have to be my search string within the document for the dynamic processing of document content feature?

The easiest way to find out is using a normal PDF viewer lie Adobe Reader, for example, which allows text selection. Open the document and then select the text, which you want to be read dynamically. Now, press the shift key and the arrow keys (left and right) to mark the previous or following text in the document. This is the exact order in which text will be searched in eSignatureOffice.

Can I transfer information from another application to eSignatureOffice to auto-fill content?

There are two methods to transfer data from another application to eSignatureOffice:

  • To fill PDF forms automatically with information, you can use FFF files.
  • The second method is to transfer information via start parameters/variables (or via XML files). Learn more about this here.

Can I make eSignatureOffice load multiple files together in order to sign them?

Yes, but you have to open all files simultaneously on startup (e.g. by marking all files and then opening them per dragg & drop on the eSignatureOffice desktop link). But be careful, because then all documents will be merged into one single document and will not be separable anymore! 

How can I be sure, that all signatures in my document have been added correctly? (return file?)You can define a return file in which various return values will be written while using eSignatureOffice, amongst which is also information about succesfully added signatures. Learn more about return files here: RET file structure 

How can I transfer a PDF file to eSignatureOffice together with a signature-set without the PDF Converter?

You can call the eSignatureOffice application like any other windows application by command line (e.g. with a *.BAT file or directly from the Windows command line). When starting eSignatureOffice this way, you can also define the path to a signature-set of your choice. Learn more about start parameters here: Startparameter